Kuran'da Sevgi


The Qur'an lays down what pleases and what displeases God. Wrongdoing, mischief making, pride, boasting of one's wealth, betrayal and profligacy are things abhorred by God. God momentarily may connive at indulging into such vagaries with a view to allowing the individual to redress himself.

The relation of opposites to each other is said to overcome the chaotic and divergent nature of the world; the world exists as a coherent system in which a change in one direction is ultimately balanced by a corresponding change in another. Between all things there is a hidden connection, so that those that are apparently “tending apart” are actually “being brought together.” This view of Heraclitus is also expressed by the Qur'an. In this continuous contraflow of forces man suffers and kneaded into shape. (See, the present book, Laws of Creation)

The Wrongdoing
Mischief Makers
God despises the arrogant and the vainglorious
Profligacy and Niggardliness