Kuran'da Sevgi

Love, the motive power of the creation of the universe, is one of the basic tenets of the Qur'an. This feeling projected on creatures from God's expanse of mercy defies all blissful experiences.

God Almighty, source of beauty and love, created the universe out of love and bestowed on men this unparalleled sentiment providing them with immense spiritual power.

The present book is a compilation by Mesut Kaynak of verses related on love and the main principles that the Qur'an contains.

A summary of our book is presented in the foreword .

Dr. Lütfü Doğan, eminent scholar of Islam, who, in his capacity of Secretary of State and Head of Religious Affairs, was in charge of the religious affairs of our nation over long years and made valuable contributions to the enlightenment of our public on religious issues, has highly obliged us by writing an introduction to our Book.

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