Kuran'da Sevgi


Address to a large crowd of Meccans by Muhammad, in 632 AD in which he had told that this was his last pilgrimage, implying thereby the approach of his death; as a matter of fact he was to depart from this world eighty-two days after delivering this speech. This 'Farewell Pilgrimage Sermon' as it is called, which includes important guidance and advice to the world of Islam, runs as follows, after praise of God Almighty:

O men! Hearken to me well! I am not so sure that I shall be with you next year.

O men! Sanctified are this day, this month and this city (Mecca), so are your lives, property and honors, protected against all harassments!

O Companions of mine! Tomorrow, you will be meeting your Lord and be called to account and you will have to explain the whys and wherefores of your doings. Beware not to stray from the right path after I am gone, and to attempt at murdering each other. This message you will have to report to those who are absent here. You can never tell; the person who is not here at the moment but lends an ear to your report afterward, may well have a more retentive memory.

O Companions of mine! Whoever has in its possession something that belongs to another, let him return it to its original owner. All sorts of interests have been revoked; smashed are they under my feet. Yet, you shall return to the loaner the principal. Do not wrong people and do not let them wrong you. God forbids as of now all interest bearing transactions. This foul custom that has come down to us from the pre-Islamic period is now nullified. The first interest accrued in favor of Abbas, son Abdulmuttalib (my paternal uncle) is hereby cancelled. O Companions of mine! The feud that dates back to the pre-Islamic period is also revoked. The first feud I render null and feud is the one of Rabia, granddaughter of Abdulmuttalib, my uncle.

O Companions of mine! Today, Satan has henceforth lost for ever the power of re-establishing the domination and influence it had been enjoying. However, if, apart from the major prohibitions that I have just imposed on you, you feel inclined to be affected by its guiles, he shall be pleased. Beware of such temptations if you want to guard your religions against all hostile forces.

O Companions of mine! Make sure that you defend the rights of women and fear God for any encroachment on them. Women have been put ino your custody by God. You have promised to protect their honor and chastity. You have rights over them; and they have rights over you. You are responsible for warding off all sorts of incursions likely to be made to their household rights. Women also have their rights on you; you are supposed to provide for their maintenance and clothing according to the prevalent customs.

O believers! I am leaving two things to your custody which will serve you to show the right path: namely, God's book, the Qur'an and the sunna of His messenger.

O believers! Hearken me well and keep what I say well in the stores of your minds! Muslims are brothers to each other; never try to transgress the right of another. Unless of course with the permission of that other. On the other hand, do not wrong yourselves; your Selves also have rights on you.

O men! Your Lord is one. You are all the children of Adam; of Adam made of clay. No Arab is superior to another Arab, except by his DEVOTION; DEVOTION that adds superiority to a man. The best among you in the sight of God is the one the most devoted to him.

Everybody is responsible for his own offense. The father shall not be blamed for the offense of his son, nor the son for the offense of his father.

Beware! The following four things are categorically to be avoided: no partner shall you attribute to God; you shall kill nobody without any rational justification; you shall not commit adultery; and you shall not commit theft!

O men! You will be asked soon about your opinions of me, what will your answers be?

The companions said: You have transmitted us God's religion. You have fulfilled all your obligations. You have given us advice and admonitions

Be my witness, O Lord! Be my witness, O Lord! Be my witness, O Lord!

Whereupon, God's Prophet said:
"Be my witness, O Lord!","Be my witness, O Lord!","Be my witness, O Lord!"

Source: Turkish Religious Foundation