Kuran'da Sevgi


Mesut Kaynak was born in 1929 in İzmir. He studied architecture in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Mimar Sinan University, graduating in 1956.

He served for some years in the public sector, namely in the Department of Public Works in Istanbul before launching into private business in house building.

He married in 1960. His daughter bore him two grandchildren. In 1999 he went to Mecca to perform his pilgrimage.

His first work entitled Allah'ın Öğütleri (God's Admonitions) was printed in 1992. It was followed by Allah'ın Sevdikleri (Those Favored by God). Kur'an'da Sevgi (Love and the Qur'an) was printed in 1998 in 3000 copies and distributed freely. These books can be referred to on the internet (www.kurandasevgi.gen.tr .) with their English translations.

The daily Radikal distributed free the Kur'an'da Sevgi in Ramadan, the month of fasting, in 2000 to be distributed free to his readers. The book went to second and third editions.His last work Kur'an'da Kadın was published in 2002 and enjoyed another free distribution. This last book was sent to our new MPs and to the university libfraries in Turkey and Cyprus.

İSTANBUL / March 2003