Kuran'da Sevgi


Jinns are entities created of a kind of light source, immaterial and invisible to the eye. They must have their communities and teams just like men. The Qur'an says that there is an infinite number of them and move in a milileu in a different dimansion. Among jinns there are those who are obedient and those that are rebels just like in the case of human beings. Prophets have been raised among them as well. They are intelligent beings with their wills and cınsciousnesses.


And He created Jinns from fire free of smoke. (55/15)
And the Jinn race, We had created before, from the fire of a scorching wind. (15/27)
I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me. (51/56)

The expression “fire without smoke” seems to indicate today's technology, i.e. radiation and microwaves. Thanks to their “scorching” quality they can penetrate matter. It seems that they are resistant against fire and move swiftly. They were created by God to praise Him.


O ye assembly of Jinns and men … (6/130)
'True, there were persons among mankind who took shelter with persons among the Jinns, but they increased them in folly. (72/6)

We learn from the Qur'an that the jinns just like men live in communities and that they have sexes and form families.


"O ye assembly of Jinns and men! came there not unto you apostles from amongst you, setting forth unto you My signs, and warning you of the meeting of this Day of yours?" (6/130)

Behold, We turned towards thee a company of Jinns (quietly) listening to the Qur'an: when they stood in the presence thereof, they said, "Listen in silence!" When the (reading) was finished, they returned to their people, to warn (them of their sins). They said, "O our people! We have heard a Book revealed after Moses, confirming what came before it: it guides (men) to the Truth and to a Straight Path. "O our people, hearken to the one who invites (you) to Allah, and believe in him: He will forgive you your faults, and deliver you from a Penalty Grievous. (46/29-31) The Prophet has not seen the Jinns with his eyes but God let him know that they listened to the recital of the Qur'an. Say: It has been revealed to me that a company of Jinns listened (to the Qur'an). They said, 'We have really heard a wonderful Recital. (72/1)


'There are among us some that are righteous, and some the contrary: we follow divergent paths. (72/11)
Amongst us are some that submit their wills (to Allah., and some that swerve from justice. Now those who submit their wills - they have sought out (the path) of right conduct (72/14)

As we see there are rebel and faithful jinns.


We have indeed decked the lower heaven with beauty (in) the stars,- (For beauty) and for guard against all obstinate rebellious evil spirits, (So) they should not strain their ears in the direction of the Exalted Assembly but be cast away from every side, Repulsed, for they are under a perpetual penalty, Except such as snatch away something by stealth, and they are pursued by a flaming fire, of piercing brightness. (37/6-10)
And we pried into the secrets of heaven; but we found it filled with stern guards and flaming fires. (72/8)
O ye assembly of Jinns and men! If it be ye can pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, pass ye! not without authority shall ye be able to pass! (55/33)

The great Qur'an exegist Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır makes the following comment: “Basing on the Qur'an we can reach to the following conclusion: There are seven layers of skies, of which the one of the earth is studded with stars. We have no knowledge about the other skies. We deduce from the verses 37/6-10 that skies are the abode of angels. The angels discuss the commandments they receive from above. In case a demon succeeds in reaching those heights and overhears their talks and succeeds to return to the earth without getting caught, he communicates what he has overheard adding his own accounts and opinions to the exorcists, spiritualists and magicians interspersing them with lies of his own. The latte, believing that this is a revelation from the Supreme Being leads the believers astray. Therefore the skies are satanic jinns-proof” The jinns cannot penetrate the energy and magnetic walls with which they are surrounded unless permitted by God. It is claimed that the mysteries of the infinitude of the space are impenetrable and inaccessible to men and jinns.


He said (to his own men): "Ye chiefs! which of you can bring me her throne before they come to me in submission?" Said an 'Ifrit, of the Jinns: "I will bring it to thee before thou rise from thy council: indeed I have full strength for the purpose, and may be trusted." Said one who had knowledge of the Book: "I will bring it to thee within the twinkling of an eye!" Then when (Solomon) saw it placed firmly before him, he said: "This is by the Grace of my Lord!- to test me whether I am grateful or ungrateful! and if any is grateful, truly his gratitude is (a gain) for his own soul; but if any is ungrateful, truly my Lord is Free of all Needs, Supreme in Honour !" (27/38-40)

There is mention here of the supernatural power of certain jinns. Today's technology is unable to explain 'the twinkling of an eye”. We know that when the speed reached a limit it turns into energy; yet, its return to its former state is left unexplained. As the Qur'an puts it this divine mystery was known also to certain jinns like ifrit other to few exceptional personages.

And to Solomon (We made) the Wind (obedient): Its early morning (stride) was a month's (journey), and its evening (stride) was a month's (journey); and We made a Font of molten brass to flow for him; and there were Jinns that worked in front of him, by the leave of his Lord, and if any of them turned aside from our command, We made him taste of the Penalty of the Blazing Fire. They worked for him as he desired, (making) arches, images, basons as large as reservoirs, and (cooking) cauldrons fixed (in their places): "Work ye, sons of David, with thanks! but few of My servants are grateful!" Then, when We decreed (Solomon's) death, nothing showed them his death except a little worm of the earth, which kept (slowly) gnawing away at his staff: so when he fell down, the Jinns saw plainly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have tarried in the humiliating Penalty (of their Task). (34/12-14)

It is claimed that Solomon had the gift of employing the jinns in construction works. It was stated explicitly that jinns had no access to the unknown; for, there had been quacks who claimed that they had knowledge of the future.