After an interlude, following the completion of our last book Love and the Qur'an, we resumed our task, inspired by our master of religious affairs Nihat Hodja who induced me to complete the present trilogy. He himself baptized the name of the book as “Woman and the Qur'an”. His suggestion was God sent.

There are about 400 verses in the Qur'an related to women. Our book has been prepared under the light of these verses. God Almighty sent man and woman upon the earth to complement each other. During the times when strength reigned uppermost woman had been relegated to second rank and was used as chattels. With the advent of Islam, woman regained her rights and human identity. The old Arab customs gave their place to a new conception.

This lasted so long the Prophet lived. However, mischief makers did not delay to corrupt this and paved the way once again to segregation.

It is high time now to know realities about God's policy about women. We have tried to shed light on this issue highlighted by the verses of the Qur'an.

I hope our book will gain the favor of God Almighty.

Mart 2002