The questions " Why has God created mankind and what does He expect from us? " have utmost importance but answers haven't been found in modern society clearly. However, the Holy Quran provides answers to these questions explicitly. According to the Sacred Book, the Almighty Creator requests that human beings have faith in Him as well as live according to Divine Laws. This faith is the fundamental tenet of the Quran and, furthermore, this book reveals the qualities of those who are most worthy in the sight of God.

Despite condemnation of religious sects in the Holy Book, factions have developed over time disrupting, rather than contributing to, unity and integrity in Islam. These separations, particularly due to mistaken interpretations, have caused divisions in our religion. As a result, brother has killed brother, Muslim has killed Muslim. Disagreements amongst sects, tariqas, and congregations have continued into modern times. These conflicts have been one of the main reasons that some societies have fallen behind in their evolution. That is why, Muslims must hold firmly to the rope of God and must learn the content of the Quran in order to obtain accurate religious knowledge.

The topic of the Quran's message of love has not been a central them of thinking in the Islam World yet it receives attention in this book. Uninformed commentators compare Christianity and Islam on the subject of love and often raise this question: "While Christianity's main purpose is love, why should Islam be any different? " As a matter of fact, the Quran has more verses that refer to love than can be found in other Holy Books. Additionally, in this book, the Quran's perspective on the subject of the Hereafter is presented for readers' review.

God Almighty, with your permission and grace, I sincerely wish that my work will prove useful for my society and all humanity.

January 2018