Love, the primary reason for creation, is one of the principal notions of the Quran. it is an unprecedented feeling that the Almighty Creator reflects on His creatures from His Mercy and Grace. God Almighty, the origin of beauty and love, created the universe based on love and bestowed it on man as his most powerful feature. We can see illustrations of love in the behavior of mothers who fight to protect their children from a powerful aggressor just as a female animal will fight wild beasts to protect her young.

The Quran states that the relation between God Almighty and Man lies on the root of love.. Maidah 5/54 :"… God loves as they love Him…" This verse emphasizes the love between God and the servant. Reaching divine love is principally based on an unprejudiced feeling, quite removed from all expected benefits and dread. Bakara 2/165 : "Yet there are some amongst mankind who take to themselves (for worship) peers other than God; they love them as they should love God. But those who have faith are overflowing with love for God.." Believers may love all those things in line with the divine laws however love for God has to be above all other kinds of love. Those who have maturity have love for the Supreme Being above all.

Faith and worship are in fact an exchange of love between man and the Creator. Faith in God begins following the kindling of the fire of love in the heart of man. Hujurat 49/7 : " God has endeared the Faith to you, and has made it beautiful in your hearts..." God responds the prayers of His servants by making real their wishes. Baqarah 2/152 : "So Remember Me, and I will remember you."

In the Quran the term for love is expressed as mercy (rahma) . This is an essential feature and attitude of God. Anam 6/54 : "...your Lord has ordained mercy on Himself..." and Araf 7/156 : "...and My mercy encompasses everything. " The words rahma and rahman are derived from rahmat containing meanings such as beneficence, love and mercy extended by the Supreme Being. Almighty Creator's infinite love encompasses, and puts under His protection, the entire creation without discrimination between men-beasts, angel-evil, friend and foe. Indeed does not the creation rest upon the root of love?

Who are those that God favors and who are those that displease Him? The Quran explains extensively the features that God expects in mankind.

Those that God favours :

Ali Imran 3/76 :...God loves those who have taqwa.
Ali Imran 3/76 :…God loves those who act righteously. Maryam 19/96 :…The Lord of Mercy will bestow his love on those who believe and perform righteous deeds.
Baqarah 2/222:...God loves the repentant.
Ali Imran 3/146:…Surely God loves those who are patient.
Ali Imran 3/159:…God loves those who trust Him.
Hujurat 49/9 :… Surely God loves those who are fair (and just).
Baqarah 2/222:… God loves those who keep themselves pure and clean.

Those that displeases God:

Ali Imran 3/57 :…God does not love wrongdoers.
Ali Imran 3/32 :…God does not love unbelievers.
Maidah 5/64 :…God does not love corruptors.
Nahl 16/23 :…Surely God does not love arrogants.
Nisa 4/36 :…God does not love the proud and the boastful
Anfal 8/58 :…God does not love traitors.
Anam 6/141 :…God does not love extravagants.