The Quran warns! Ali Imran 3/103-105:" Hold fast the Rope of God (The Quran) all together...Do not be like those who split into factions and differed among themselves: a terrible punishment awaits such people. " After the Prophet departed from life, the 4 khalifets, hundreds of small sects, tariqas, and congregations developed over time. Their effect was to disrupt, rather than contribute to, unity and integrity in Islam. However, the Quran has to be the main and reliable source for reaching the truth. Man has to turn to the Quran to find out the truth.
All students, from primary to high school, could have the chance to learn the content of the Quran if it is made available as an optional subject. There are many renowned theological experts in our society. Books can be prepared, appropriate to age and learning capacity, to facilitate the job of the teachers. So with the guidance of the Lord a new faithful, wise and diligent generation will emerge.


God Almighty describes the divine design and provides answers through revelations. The first verse revealed began with the word 'READ!' With this verse God drew attention to the importance of acquiring religious knowledge. Therefore man's first duty is to read and acquire the knowledge and wisdom. The Quran provides answers for many questions such as: What are our functions and duties? Is there a hereafter? Is death the end of man? So man will be able to learn many answers through the Book and will have knowledge about the universe and the Creator through His own words.

(Read) Recite! in the name of your Lord who created man from a clinging substance. Recite! Your Lord is the most generous who taught by the pen. (Alak 96/1-5)
Recite the Qur'an slowly and distinctly ! (Muzammil 73/4)
This Quran is an enlightenment for the people, and eye-opener. (Jadhiyah 45/20)

The main reason that some Muslim societies have fallen behind in their evolution is that they haven't carried out the first commandment of the Quran which is "Read". The result is that they have not acquired knowledge. Reading and listening to the divine laws in Arabic is delightful; however, for those who don't know Arabic, reading its translated versions and acquiring the meaning of those verses are transcends other pleasures and is of utmost importance.


Our Lord would like to see His servants believe in Him and to perform righteous acts. In other words, to have taqwa, to strive to be virtuous and love for human kind.

1) Being one of those who have taqwa! Hujurat 49/13: " the noblest of you in the sight of God is the one who is most deeply conscious of Him. " Taqwa; meaning protection, forbearance, and fear. One who has taqwa dutifully obeys His commands and abstains from the forbidden. To attain the attributes of taqwa in the sight of Quran there are ten basic precepts.:1) Infaq (benevolence), 2) Salat ( the ritual prayer, 3) Zakat, 4) Forgiveness and Appeal for Mercy, 5) Patience, 6) Fasting, 7) Beneficence, 8) Keeping One's word, 9) Justice and Honesty, 10) Knowledge. Regarding worship, the Quran states: Dhariyat 51/56: "...I only created jinn and mankind to worship Me..."

2) Strive to be virtuous!Najm 53/39-41: "Certainly that man gets nothing but what he strives for, and very soon his effort is going to be seen. Then he will receive for it the fullest reward. " They who have believed and done righteous deeds- those are the best of creatures. (Bayyinah 98/7)
Keep working, do your deeds...( Taubah 9/105)
Man is expected to work hard and generate meritorious valor led by science and technology. God Almighty commanded to His Prophet about work: Insirah 94/7: " (Prophet) when you are free from one task, embark upon the next task, still labor hard. "

3) Love human beings! Ali Imran 3/119: " O believers! You are the ones who love them, although the unbelievers don't love you... " The believers love all mankind regardless whether they are friend or enemy. All human beings, animals, plants and whatever is created must be loved by reason of the fact the Almighty Creator. As mystical great poet Yunus Emre said: "I love the creatures, due to the Creator."

You will surely be questioned about what you did. (Nahl 16/93)

We, the guests of the all merciful Creator on earth, are being tested about all the acts we have performed throughout our lives. Zalzalah 99/7-8: " So, whoever has done an atom's weight of good deeds will see the good result of it, and whoever has done an atom's weight of evil will see the result of it.. "

For those who rebelled and preferred the lowly life then Hell will be the abode. (Naziat 79/37-39) For those who do good there is goodness... They are the companions of Paradise. (Yunus 10/26)


Young students who suppose that they owe their existence in this world to their parents, discover the creative power for their actual Creator through the Quran. Lokman 31/14:"...Be grateful to Me first and then to your parents; all will return to Me".As the servant discovers that he has been created by his Lord, he attaches to Him with all gratitude and appreciation. Hujurat 49/7: "...But God made you love faith and He adorned it in your hearts" As the feeling of appreciation of the young one increases day by day, it ignites the light of faith in his heart. The faith is made firm by a reciprocal action inspired by Almighty God.

...Whoever believes in God, He guides its heart to the truth. (Taghabun 64/11) ...Surely God will guide those who have faith towards a Straight Road. (Hac 22/54)

Yunus 10/100: "No soul can ever believe except with God's permissionů" The servant begins a successful and blissful life by attaining the apporval of his Lord. By the guidance of his Lord, the young student grows up diligent, insightful, honest and warm hearted. As a result of his good deeds, producing value, and being a respected citizen after his educational life, he will enter Paradise in the next world by the grace of God. And whoever turns himself away from God and ignores living requirements of the Quran he will become an intimate companion of the devil. They will never find the right path.(Zukhruf 36-37). This is why the content of the Quran has to be taught in all primary, secondary and high schools as an optional subject.