Beyond the grave; The state beyond the grave is a sort of sleep until Doomsday in another physical form in the presence of God. As there will be no concept of time, the souls will percieve that they have spent only a short time in this stage. Isra 17/52 : " It will be the day when He calls you, and you respond by praising Him and think you have been there only a short time." There will be both punishment and reward and continued development of the soul as preparation for the state after the Doomsday. The Holy Quran does not give the details about this intermediate state.

Every soul will taste death. We test you all through the bad and the good, and you will be returned to Us. (Anbiya 21/35) It is not permitted for a soul to die except by the permission of God in an appointed record.. (Ali Imran 3/145)

Death is a destiny predetermined by Our Lord for the mankind and all other living creatures. As part of the mystery of God, some of us have been given longer life while some have been given shorter. Fatr 35/11 : "...No living thing has his life extended in years, or its life is shortened, but it is written in a divine book.."

Death is the severance of soul from body through the angel of death. The body is buried. The flesh of the mortal body decomposes and vanishes in the ground. Man's immortal soul departs from the world towards God through the angel in charge. The Quran tells us this as following:

Your soul will be taken by the Angel of Death, who is in charge of you . Then you will be returned to your Lord. (Sajdah 32/11)
The death you are running away from will inevitably come to you. Then you will be returned to God, and He will inform you of what you used to do. (Jumuah 62/8)

God informs man about the evil acts and good deeds of his life in the world. Those who didn't perform the divine laws in their worldly life will not be have a chance to return to the world to perform good deeds. It will be too late. Muminun 23/99-100 : " When death comes to one of them, he says, 'My Lord, send me back so that I may do good works in the world I have left behind. Never! It is only a useless appeal they make. And there is a barrier behind them until the Day they are resurrected..'"

The state beyond the grave is a sort of sleep. As in their earthly state people are alive while sleeping, this state of being alive will continue in the next phase. But this stage is not a passive waiting phase since, indeed, the development of the soul will continue. It is a preparatory phase before reaching the superior phases. The dreams that will be dreamt there will correspond to the facts of life. Nightmares may be interpreted as torment. Blissful dreams may be interpretated as reward. Certainly God knows the real truth. As there will be no concept of time so, even though the souls stay there for millions of years, they will perceive it to be very brief.

God will ask them, "How many years did you remain on earth?" They will reply, "We remained ?only? a day or part of a day. Ask those who keep account." God will say: "You indeed remained there for a short time, if you only knew that."(Müminun 23/112-114)

The souls who live in another dimension on the presence of God will stay there till Doomsday. As the phase beyond grave is a sort of sleep and the souls are under the supervision of God, they can't return to the earth again. So those who believe that they talk with the souls deceive people who believe in them.

So, the state beyond the grave will be continued till Doomsday when the souls will wake up and unite with their new bodies after God calls out them. Naziat 79/13-14: " it will be only a single shout. And they will be awake and above ground.."

Beyond the grave there will be both punishment and reward. Man will be punished or rewarded depending on his acts in the world. Those who have performed evil acts will suffer in fire. On the other hand those who have attained God's favor will be rewarded.

We will punish the unjust. Then he will return to his Lord who will punish him with a terrible punishment. (Kahf 18/87)
They are exposed to the fire morning and afternoon, and on the Day when the Hour will come, it will be commanded: "People of the Pharaoh, suffer the most severe torment." (Mümin 40/46).

The fire may not be the fire that we know, it may be an energy, something like radiation or microwave which will torment the soul. God Almighty knows the real truth. As the verse states, Pharaoh and who follows him will suffer severly till Doomsday. In this dimension there will be torment or reward based on their acts in the world.

O peaceful and satisfied soul! Return to your Lord well-pleased and pleasing (Him). And enter among My (rightous) servants, enter My Paradise. Fajr 89/27-30).

In the verse above it is expressed that such men who are about to die already deserved Paradise. He is subject to the invitation of God to return to his Creator pleased and pleasing. The servant who performs the divine laws sincerely is favored by God and finally will be returned to his Creator. The soul attains eternal bliss and begins life in the intermediate phase pending acceptance ino Paradise. The Quran does not reveal details about this stage however it is believed that the soul will remain in paradise forever with a new body.

The Quran gives some descriptions about Doomsday. According to the Quran not only the earth but also the whole stellar system will be destroyed first and then will undergo a transformation. Resurrection will be realised and all creatures will come into God's presence for judgement.

When will doomsday take place? Only the Almighty Creator knows the answer to this question. Araf 7/187 : " They ask you about the hour, when will be its taking place? Say: The knowledge of it is only with my Lord. No one can reveal it except He. Heavy will be its burden through the heavens and the earth. All of a sudden it will come to you.."

When the deafening noise will occur... (Abasa 80/33)
When the inevitable day of judgment will suddenly come... When the earth will be violently shaken...and the mountains will be powdered to dust, they will become scattering dust particles. (Vaqiah 56/1-6)
When the sky breaks apart , and when the stars fall , scattering , and when the sees are erupted. (Infitar 82/1-3)

These verses express that not only the earth but also the stars in the sky will be transformed as well. There are some descriptions about the Qiyamah through the surahs of Takwir, Infitar and Inshikak. Everything will start with a terrifying sound, the sun will be extinguished, the stars will disperse and all living creatures will die out.

The Daily Sabah published a photograph on 22.10.1997 showing the clash of stars observed by the Hubble telescope. It had occurred 63 million light years from the Earth and was shown with the caption "Doomsday". Even though this clash had taken place millions of years ago, its image had just reached us. This may give us an important idea about our future.

The millions of stars and planets that form part of these two galaxies disperse by a clang into an infinite number of atoms after which they generate a new galaxy with new stars and clouds of hydrogen that spread for miles and miles into space. Astronomers stated that they detected clues regarding the first stages of the formation of the universe and added that a new galaxy which had been newly formed after the clash required a long time to reach its final shape.

The conclusion of these images is this: The Milky Way galaxy, which includes the sun and the earth, will clash with another galaxy and, because of the clash, new stars and a new globe will be generated which will contain Paradise and Hell. The data provided by the Hubble telescope match up with the data in the Quran which had been revealed 1400 years ago.