Our projected membership to the European Union has increased the importance of the mutual enlightenment of communities on the congruities and incongruities between monotheistic religions. Their conveyance to the attention of the communities is of crucial importance as this may lead to the opening of new horizons in intercommunal relations.

A close study of the revealed books indicates that, except for minor variations in details, the gaps are far from being unbridgeable. If all the books and the pages revealed to the prophets were to be compiled in one single volume, we would have just one thick book in our hands. Had He so wished, the Creator would have sent down a single book in which He would have laid down all His will. He chose to draw different paths for different communities desiring to see how every one of them would contribute to the development of human potentialities. At the basis of this grandiose conception lay love; love for one's neighbor, whose ultimate objective being the establishment and integration of a peaceful universe on earth.

Every subject-matter in the present book has been taken up individually to be concluded by a summary. The reason of the relative conciseness of certain issues was due to the scarcity of data available.

It is to be noted that impartiality and objectivity have been the author's cardinal principle in the composition of the present book.

I pray that God Almighty allows that this slim volume contribute to the better understanding of the communities and nations.

April 2007